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Nice View & Food: Café by the Lake (Naukuchiatal)

Nice View & Food: Café by the Lake, Cafe in Bhimtal

Cafe by the Lake
Price for Two INR 1000

Cafe in Bhimtal: If you are in Kumaon region, Uttrakhand, then Café by the lake is a must visit. A quaint café next to Kamal Tal (a small pond adjacent to Naukuchiatal Lake) offers a menu of freshly cooked and self-baked food. The place is usually crowded and they run out of space and food very soon, so you have to be lucky enough to get to taste the mouthwatering delicacies.

Nice View & Food: Café by the Lake (Naukuchiatal)

Cafe by the Lake, Cafe in Bhimtal     #shadesnservings

The day I visited Naukuchiyatal with (one of my friends) or my friends, we saw this cottage like café with fascinating exteriors. We were mesmerized by the place. Not only the exteriors but interiors of the place were so beautiful and welcoming that you cannot leave without spending some time in there. They also have a little cozy garden, where you can stand and sip a cup of coffee.

The café had a regular menu which includes pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, coffee, lemonades and much more. The USP of the café was their fresh preparations, to which the added attraction of the ambiance adds up the flavor.

Nice View & Food: Café by the Lake (Naukuchiatal)

Cafe in Bhimtal

We ordered a gardener’s bounty pizza and charred tomato & cheese sandwich with lemonades. Our order was served one at a time, first came our pizza, the crust was very fresh and crisp and was fully loaded with toppings and cheese. Our taste buds were traveling through a blissful sea of flavors cast by said cheese and toppings, with each bite we were experiencing foodgasm. Then after a decent interval, our sandwich was served. The bread and filling used in the sandwich were very fresh, the tomatoes charred well and had a great smoky flavor to them along with a texture that was crisp and yet juicy. Not to forget our lemonades topped with mint leaves and a wedge of lime tasted perfect and was very refreshing.

Nice View & Food: Café by the Lake (Naukuchiatal)

Cafe in Bhimtal

It was a blissful experience and the place is a must visit. If you are anywhere in Kumaon region, then my suggestion would be to take out some time and visit this café.

Cafe in Bhimtal

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