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Trek to Gallu Forest Waterfall

Gallu, Mcleodganj

Gallu, Mcleodganj: Mountains are known for majestic temples and unexplored scenic beauties. There are so many off the beat destinations in mountains which are not yet that popular. I recently got an opportunity to visit a very similar place, Gallu Forest Waterfall in Gallu Village. Gallu is a very small village in Himachal Pradesh. The place has few homestays and very few shops, as the population of the village is not much.

Gallu is not far from Mcleodganj, just 15mins drive or if you want to trek then it will take around half an hour to 45mins from Mcleodganj. The place has a forest waterfall and to reach that waterfall one has to trek for around 4hrs. The place is very secluded and not many people know about this place. The word ‘secluded’ made us more excited to visit that place. People trekking to Triund Valley consider Village as a base point of their trek.

Trek to Gallu Forest Waterfall


The next morning we hired a taxi to Gallu, Mcleodganj and after a 15mins drive, the driver dropped us at Gallu Devi Temple. Just next to temple we found two intersections, one was towards Triund Valley and other was where we had to go – Gallu Forest Waterfall. We carried super light backpacks as advised by the locals. As we started trekking, we found the track was very narrow and dangerous that we had to walk in a single line, but the place was very calm and peaceful which compensated the danger. The word forest made us little conscious of the animals but we only encounter Mountain dogs while trekking that too initially, but as we trekked deep in the forest there were no animals. We could hear birds chirping but were not visible as the place covered with dense trees. My friends and I don’t consider our self’s as trekkers, as we bring out the courage to do such activities once in a year. The track is a very narrow path that has a deep valley on one side, the depth cannot be judged as it is covered with trees and mountain walls on the other side. You can take the support of mountain walls while trekking. We were slow and steady and were mindful of every step to avoid slipping and spraining. We could not find many people during the trek and were expecting that we should not encounter anyone from the opposite side, as we had to make way for the person to cross. The path was also not well laid, we walked at our own pace and enjoyed the nature’s beauty while trekking. The place is full of trees that sun rays try to pierce through. The scenery around was so beautiful that we stopped often to admire the place and took many pictures.

Trek to Gallu Forest Waterfall
Trek to Gallu Forest Waterfall

After trekking for three hours we could hear the sound of flowing water but couldn’t see the fall anywhere, as the place was all covered with trees. But we were happy that we were about to reach the place, as we all were very tired and hungry. While trekking you will find few Hut Cafes (mostly closed) that too in the starting, later you will find no place to eat, so my advice would be to carry some biscuits and water along. After 4hrs of trekking, we finally reached the destination. The place was very calm and seemed like heaven on earth, literally the place we were looking for. The place had one Hut Café (Literally a Jhopadi made of cane), which served omelets (all types), Maggi, tea, coffee, soft drinks, chocolates and biscuits of almost all brands. From that café, we had to step down a few stones to go near to the waterfall. We were very careful while stepping down as the stones were really slippery because of water and algae on it. The place had several tiny pools under the waterfall. As we reached near the fall the water was so cold that we were not able to put our legs in the water for not more than few seconds. And water pressure was so high that it can take you along. So, we decided to sit beside the fall for few hours and relaxed. After few hours we decide to leave that place and go back to Village, as we were advised to leave the place by 4 pm. The place had no lights throughout the trek and trekking in the night was impossible.

We took another 4 hours to reach back to Village with our souls rejuvenated. We had a sense of achievement after finishing the trek as we are not regular trekkers. If you love peace and are in for adventurous and dangerous trekking, then my advice would be to visit this place once in your lifetime.

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